Ava Hunt Theatre has designed and delivered training programmes for teachers and senior management teams in schools using role-play and facilitation over many years.  Ava has over 30 years of experience of using theatre and drama as a training tool, using a wide range of tried and tested approaches including: Forum Theatre, hot-seating, role play and drama exercises that facilitate: 

  • Team building 
  • Communication skills
  • Difficult conversations
  • Developmental Reviews

Learning objectives are tailored and agreed upon according to your needs.  Feedback skills from the actors in role provide an invaluable learning opportunity for managers, and teams.  Sessions can be delivered either as one to one or small group sessions. All our projects are fully evaluated to ensure that we have met the learning outcomes and have provided powerful learning opportunities for all.  

Training using role play allows participants, within a safe environment, to play out a difficult conversation, receive feedback and ultimately feel empowered.

Bespoke training days are developed according to the needs of the company/organisation/institution, and can be supported by tried and tested management training models of learning such as:  

  • GROW 
  • AID  
  • STAR 
  • BIFF 
  • TEDS  

AHT works with a wide range of highly skilled and experienced associate actors/artists and facilitators, to whatever size of training experience that is required. 

Costs are based on number of actors/facilitators required, the number of days, and any travel expenses that may be incurred.  Please send us a message with the Contact Us button below.

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