Citizenship & Values

Citizenship & Values Drama Workshops are accessible, fun and fully participatory to create lasting impact.

Created by AHT’s experienced and highly skilled team of workshop leaders, the workshops have been delivered across Derbyshire in ex-coal mining areas throughout the summer of 2021. 

Consisting of two visits, each two hours long, the workshops are aimed at Key Stage 3 and 4 in both school and non-formal educational settings.

“I enjoyed the acting” (young person)

“I liked being in role and expressing my opinions” (young person)

Using theatre and drama pedagogically contributes towards the development of critical thinking skills, whilst interrogating the issues to increase greater insight and understanding. 

“the young people had enjoyed and engaged more than normal” (staff)

Drama exercises, short scenes, and using some gentle in-role work are intrinsically participatory, therefore, learning through the whole body, offers meaningful and profound methods of learning.  The nature of exchanging opinions, knowledge, and experience in a safe space contribute to the development of listening and communication skills.

“I enjoyed putting myself into other people’s shows and seeing it from different people’s perspectives” (young person)

The process of working together through narrative, character and believable scenarios that can be conducive to deeper learning provide unique learning opportunities to develop a new collective understanding and new perspectives. 

“I enjoyed listening to other people’s opinions” (young person)

The workshops cover aspects of the Citizenship curriculum including: social and moral responsibility, community involvement, development of political literacy and based on shared Values:  Democracy, tolerance and mutual respect, the rule of law, and individual freedom.

“to be less judgemental” (young person)

“I enjoyed playing the games” (young person)

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