Drama Workshops

Participatory drama workshops are an exciting and powerful way to introduce complex subjects and issues as an empowering and educational experience.  AHT’s drama workshops draw on a number of different leading practitioners: August Boal, Dorothy Heathcote, Viola Spolin, Chris Johnston, Brian Way and Keith Johnstone.  

Gentle playful exercises are an essential part of the process, which create a safe environment within which participants feel able to express ideas, engage in discussion and develop new skills.  Drama can contribute to developing: confidence, empathy, imagination, creativity, emotional intelligence, teamworking, and communication skills.  

Drama workshops not only engage participants cognitively, but also because we are working through using the body, drama is particularly beneficial for kinaesthetic and visual learners. 


Body Image workshops

  • Winner of the NHS Promoting Healthy Lifestyles: Diversity and Patients’ Choice Award Winner: “Quality of the drama work was dynamic!
  • National Award for Good Practice: Amber Valley Health Authority & Ava Hunt won Pamela Sheridan Award for Sex and Relationships Education Project in Primary Schools

Drama workshops have been created and delivered including:

  • bullying
  • racism/refugees
  • self esteem
  • body image

Ava has worked with a wide range of settings including:

  • nursery
  • primary
  • secondary
  • sixth form
  • higher education
  • young offenders
  • prisoners
  • community groups
  • mental health groups
  • professionals
  • businesses