Destinies Reunited!

Getting our ‘Destinies’ gang back together for our first face-to-face session since lockdown.

National Refugee Week 2020

At the start of the Covid19 lockdown Ava organised a live stream of her one-woman show, Acting Alone to raise some funds for Friends of Alrowwad, and the Derby Refugee and Advice Centre.

Real 4 Me Relationships and Sex Education Day

25 June 2020 is National Relationships and Sex Education Day. We are delighted to support young people to celebrate and learn about healthy relationships.

Journeys of Destiny – National Refugee Week 2019

Journeys of Destiny, by Craig Christie, tells the true story of Saad Alkassab, a young Syrian refugee: a journey of destiny for all. The story is told by a professional cast with young people from schools and youth theatres performing songs, music and verbatim material. “A bit disappointed it had finished so soon… it was really […]