Relationships and Sex Education Day

Real 4 Me

Working in partnership with Derbyshire Education Improvement Service and funded by Derbyshire’s PCC. AHT researched and co-created with year 9 young people and young people in care an interactive drama workshops exploring safety on the internet and consent within relationships. Verbatim accounts of young people’s experiences were structured into short scenes and participatory exercises.  

The workshops:

  • identified the addictive nature of sexualised on-line material/pornography 
  • highlighted the pressure young people feel from Social Media 
  • allowed young people to empathise and understand others 

Comments from participants included: 

 “makes me feel like I can explain my feelings” 

“to be careful with social media” 

“how I could help someone in these situations” 

“It’s taught me to respect others privacy” 

“It’s made me realise I have a choice and I can say no” 

“How can school help me as a trans man” 

“I feel more knowledgeable about how social media can affect people” 

“What it’s like for the victims” 

“It’s made me think about what I do” 

The company is currently in discussion with Derbyshire Education Improvement Services to develop and roll out Phase two of Real for Me with teacher training, teaching resources and workshops as part of RSE Day 2021.

Feedback from Derbyshire Education Improvement Services:

“The workshop content complements schools’ duties to meet the new statutory requirements for Relationships and Sex Education. It addresses essential themes of consent, boundaries and motivations, all that support young people to develop safe and healthy relationships. The characters and scenarios were well designed.  They allowed the pupils to engage in a way that brings the curriculum to life and makes it meaningful, purposeful and relatable…” Jane O’Bryne 

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