Steps towards Destinies

Destinies is the story of a group of young people who arrive in a new city and start to make a life. It isn’t easy to be a stranger in a strange place and all of them must try to find a way to get what they need. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s funny, often it’s lonely, but before long they start to meet each other and become friends. Creating a new start, in a new world.

Destinies is a co-creation performance piece made with looked after young people, young unaccompanied asylum seekers and professional artists. Young people have written and created characters, scenes, animation, composed music, lyrics as well as singing and performing. The piece has been adapted into a filmed montage – a work in progress, including animation, songs, music, and the young people’s commentary about the process of working through COVID-19 restrictions.

The project has been funded by emergency funding from Arts Council England Lottery funds, and brings together: Ava Hunt Theatre, with Sinfonia Viva Orchestra, Orchestras Live, and Derbyshire County Council’s Virtual School. We are now preparing for the first sharing of our work so far as part of the Care About Care? Online Festival 2020 on Thursday 29th October, 7pm – 8pm.

Destinies was originally intended to be a live theatre performance and due to COVID-19 transferred to an on-line experience. It is intended, once restrictions are lifted, that a live theatre performance will be shared with an audience of friends and families, celebrating the creativity of the young people’s hard work, commitment and connection that has been so important during these challenging times.

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