I Feel Like Dancing


Commissioned by Tangere Arts with Ava Hunt
Music, Choreography and Direction by Ansel Broderick

Performers Duanne Hannibal, Ava Hunt

Inspired by traditional stories

I Feel Like Dancing was a Nursery show that told traditional African stories through dance, music and song.

Anansi?  Anansi?

Want a dance with me?

Who’s that hiding behind the trees?  What was that noise?  Who is playing in the jungle?

Join Anansi the spider, the talking frog, tortoise, crocodile, elephant and birds. Listen to their stories, hear their laughter and join in with their dances as they play together one hot day in the steamy African jungle.

A sun-soaked adventure – with live drumming and music, the animals skip, hop and jump for joy, telling traditional African children’s stories in a visual expressive and musical way.

Suitable for 3-6 year olds, the performance is accompanied with a participatory workshop with songs, music and dance.

“I feel like Dancing” is a fun exploration of cultural stories, diversity and playing together linking to the KS1/Foundation PSHE curriculum and Every Child Matters.

Supported by:

BBC Children in Need
Arts Council England

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